Mercury Skate Concept

Line skating is one of the most popular sports among people. This popularity is spreading throughout the world everyday due to it’s large range of usability. In fact, roller skate was invented to compensate the limits of ice skate and make it possible to experience skating on the streets.

The main purpose of designing this Mercury skate is to decrease the skater’s fatigue and provide them an easier and smoother ride on the pavement with the least harms. If you’ve ever skated on a paved surface you had experienced a vibration feelings on your heel and sometimes it causes you to feel uncomfortable. This vibration will translate itself from heel to knee joints which is harmful not just for knees but for the eyesight as well.

This general problem of line skates has been considered in this Mercury skate design. It has a new style of frame, fixing system and a damper to absorb the harmful vibration mentioned above and also it can help the skaters to accelerate faster and gain a higher speed.


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