Arrow Poison Frog: One of Poisonous Frogs

Poisonous Frogs / Poison Dart Frog (also called, Poison Frog or formerly Arrow Poison Frog) is the common name of the frog family Dendrobatidae which comes from the middle and northern United States. Unlike most frog, this species is active during the day and usually have a bright body color.Even this is Poisonous Frogs, but the poison level varies from one species to other species, and from one population to other populations. Many of them are endangered animals. This frog is often called Dart Frog (Arrow Frog) because the American Indian tribe use it poison on their arrow. But from 175 species only 3 are documented for this purpose (curare plants are more often used), and none came from the genus Dendrobatidae, which have brighter colors and have more complex pattern of another genus.

These two are red eye frog


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