15 Largest Objects in the World

1. Largest Book

Entitled "A Visual Odyssey Acros The Kingdom" ,this book has 17 foot high, weight 133 pounds and 122 pages! Created by: Michael Hawley.

2. Largest Motorcycle

Created By: Gregory Dunham approximately 11 feet high and 20 feet long.

3. Largest Wine Bottle

This is 90 liters Grande Cuvee TBA NV No.7 2005 when compared with the size can reach 640 regular bottles, or 69,000 glasses wine.

4. Largest Revolver

This is replica of the Remington model 1859.

5. Largest Pencil

Weighing 21,500 lbs and 76 feet in length, created by: Ashrita Furman

6. Largest Pinata

28.5 meters long 7.2 meters width and 18 meters high and contains 8000 pounds candy.

7. Largest Crossword

30 meter high, writings only visible at night.

8. Largest Easter Egg

Required 525 hours to make a chocolate egg containing 50,000 chocolate bars.

9. Largest Burger

80-pound meat .30-pound of bread, 12 tomatoes and 160 slice of cheese, the weight can reach 123 pounds.

10. Largest Swimming Pool

Depth of 115ft and capable of holding 66 millions gallon of water.

11. Largest Chair

Is a monument in the Mazano city, Italy.

12. Largest Birthday Cake

This cake's weight is 25,000 pounds and reach 23 feet high.

13. Largest Cheese

6 feet wide and weight 1.323 pounds.

14. Largest Beer Can

15. Largest Football Table


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