Kennedy & Lincoln Mistery

1. Abraham Lincoln was chosen as a member of Congress in the year 1846. John F. Kennedy was selected as a member of Congress in the year 1946.

2. Abraham Lincoln elected as President of the United States in 1860. John F. Kennedy elected as President of United States in 1960.

3. The name Lincoln Dan Kennedy together consist of seven letters.

4. Both are equally concerned about civil rights.

5. Both's wife were lost children in the white building.

6. Both was shot on Friday. Both shot in the head.

7. Lincoln's secretary named Kennedy. Kennedy's secretary named Lincoln.

8. Both were killed by people from the South Region. Both were replaced by the South Region man.

9. Both replacement named Johnson.

10. Andrew Johnson, who replaced Lincoln was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who replaced Kennedy, born in 1908.

11. John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's murderer was born in 1839. Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's murderer was born in 1939. Name of the both murderer are exact three words.

12. Name of both murderer is equally comprised of 15 letters.

13. Booth caught in a warehouse after he attempted to escape from a movie theater. Oswald caught in the cinema after a previous attempt to escape from a warehouse.

14. Booth and Oswald were killed before they are brought to the court.

15. And this is the most unique, a week before Lincoln was shot, he is in the small City of Monroe, in the Maryland area. A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Maryln Monroe.


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