Love Sad Stories

Below is a short love sad stories from a couple that willing to realize their happiness. Some of you might have heard of the story, some haven't. Now I share it to you, once again.

Women in the picture above is Katie Kirkpatrick, she is 21 yr old. Left, is her fiancee, Nick, 23. Image is taken shortly before their wedding, which was held on 11 January 2005 in the U.S. Katie suffered from the end stages of cancer and spent several hours each day for therapy. Nick is waiting for Katie, this is one of the many sessions of Katie chemotherapy.

In complexity in a pain, organ failure, and morphin, Katie still want to implement her wedding event and consider every detail. Wedding dress need to be downsized few times because Katie continue to lose body weight.

Marriage with unusual accessories which is the lapse of oxygen, Katie uses it in her wedding ceremony. The other pair in the picture above is Nick's parents. With a joyful heart seeing their son marry the girl of his heart, his highschool friend.

Katie, in the wheelchair with the oxygen hose, listening to a song from her husband and friends. In reception, Katie needs to rest several times. The pain makes her can not stand for a long time.

Katie died 5 days later after her wedding. Seeing a woman critically ill and weak to do with marriage and a smile on her face makes us think ... .. Happiness can be achieved, no matter how long it can survive. We should not make our lives become complicated.
Life is short my friend..

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