Economical Futuristic House

A comfortable, beautiful and economical house is everyone's dream at this time, especially when talking about the economic value in the global financial crisis at this time. Besides the futuristic architecture, this house is also environment friendly by using active and passive environment technology.

description of the implementation of some technologies used in this house:
1. Low-E Glass for window glass will absorb the heat so the room will not be too hot and also means that the AC can use savings.

2. Adjustable Solar Panels that allows the solar panel can absorb the sun optimally because that can move in accordance with the movement direction of the sun.

3. Rain Harvesting that utilize rainwater accommodate and used for daily necessities such as watering plant and to flush toilets.

4. Storage Heating is a source of heat storage will be used to heat the room during the season, so the use of engine room heater can be reduced.

5. Use of Photocatalytic on the outside surface of the wall that will convert hazardous organic to not become dangerous.


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