The Tree Human is Cured

Do you still remember Dede, "The Tree Man" from Indonesia?

Dr. Anthony Gaspari from the University of Maryland offers medical treatment for Dede and a year ago he came to take a sample of Dede skin for further research.
Dede had a surgery and the result is superb although not 100% normal yet.

This is before the surgery.

This is after the surgery.

Dede with dr. Gaspari and other medical team.

Dede with the family.

Dede has been able to write, eat, and does the day-to-day activities, such as normal people.

X-Ray photo of his legs.

The legs after the surgery.

Another picture of Dede.

Two thumbs up for Dr. Gaspari and the team. I believe this is a major change in Dede's life. God bless Dr. Gaspari and Dede.


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