Hard Words to Spell ??

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hard to spell:
1. ache
2. psychology
3. cynic
4. Sioux
5. subpoena
6. knife
7. pneumatic
8. opaque
9. chorus
10. owe
11. laugh
12. physique
13. once
14. coax

A few more

15. rhythm
16. immediately
17. accommodation
18. diarrhoea / diarrhea (US)
19. supersede
20. precede
21. proceed
22. succeed
23. seize
24. weird
25. occurrence
26. separate
27. pursue
28. harass
29. aisle
30. minuscule
31. embarrass
32. memento
33. privilege
34. millennium
35. definitely

Harder words.

36. spectrophotofluorometrically

37. anaesthetic

38. desalination

39. otorhinolaryngological

40. immunoelectrophoretically

41. psychophysicotherapeutics

42. thyroparathyroidectomized

43. pneumoencephalographically

44. radioimmunoelectrophoresis

45. psychoneuroendocrinological

46. hepaticocholangiogastrostomy

47. antidisestablishmentarianism

48. floccinaucinihilipilification

49. pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism

50. metaphysico-theolo go-cosmonigology

51. praetertranssub stantiationalistically

52. osteosarchaematosplan chnochondroneuromuelous

53. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcano...

54. osseocarnisanguineovis cericartilaginonervomedullary

55. aequeosalinocalcalinoce raceoaluminosocupreovitriolic


The longest official word ever (1,913 letters) is the term for the formula C1289H2051N343O375S8

Methionylglutamin ylarginyltyrosylglu tamylserylleucylphenyl-
alanylalanylgluta minylleucyllysylgluta mylarginy llysyglutamyl-
gycylalanyl phenylalanylvalylp rolylphe nylalanylvaly lthreonyl-
leucylglycylaspa rtylprolylglyc yllisoleucylglu tamylglutaminyl -
serylleu cyllysylisoleu cylaspartylthr eonylleu cylisoleucyl-
glutamylalan ylglycylalany laspartylala nylleucylgluta mylleucyl-
glycylis oleucylprol ylphe nylalan ylseryla spartylp rolylle ucyl-
alanylaspart ylglycylprol ylthreonylisoleucylgluta minylasparagin yl-
alanylt hreonylleucylargin ylalanylphenylalany lalanylalanyl-
gl ycylvalylth reonylprolylal anylglutaminylc ysteinylpheny lalanyl-
glutamyl methionylleucylal anylleucylisoleucyl arginylgluta minyl-
lysylhist idylprolylthreonyli soleucylprolylisoleucyl glycylleucyl-
leucylmethiony ltyrosylalanylaspa raginylleucylvalylphe nylalanyl-
asparaginyll ysylglycylisoleucylasp artylglutamylphenylalanyl-
tyr osylalanylglutaminylcystei nylglutamyllysylvalylgly cylvalyl-
aspartylsrylva lylleucylvalylalanyla spartylvalylprolylval yl-
glutaminyl gluta mylserylalanylpr ol ylphenylalanyla rginylglu taminyl-
alanyl alanylleucylar ginylhistidylasparag inylvalylalanyl -
prolylisol eucylphenylal anylisoleucylcystei nylprolylprolylas partyl-
alanylas partylaspartylaspartyl leucylleucylargin ylglutaminyl-
i soleucyla lanylseryltyrosylgl ycylarginylglycyl tyrosylthreonyl-
tyrosylleuc ylleucylserylarginy lalanylglycylvalylth reonylglycyl-
alanylgl utamylasparag inylarginylalany lalanylleucyll eucyllysyl-
glu tamyltyrosyl asparaginylala nylalanylprolylpro lylleucylglutaminyl-
gly cylphenylalanylgly sylisoleucylserylal anylprolylaspa rtylglutaminyl -
valyllysyl alanylalanylisole ucylaspartylalanyl glycylalanylalan yl-
glycylalanyli soleucylserylglycyl serylalanylisoleuc ylvaly llysylisoleu cyl-
isoleuc ylglutamylgl utaminylhis tidylasparagin ylisoleucylglu tamyl-
proly lglutamyll ysylmethionylle ucylalanyl alanylleucylly sylvalylphenyl -
alanylval ylglutaminylproly lmethionyllysyl alanylalanylthreon ylarginy-

Absolutely true.!

PS. The formula was a bit too long so i put a space in the middle so you can read it

I challenge all of you who reads this page, to MAKE a VIDEO of YOU saying the HARDEST words for you to spell (you can choose it from the list above), then post it on youtube.com, and send me your video URL (on comment) so i can embbed it here. Hehehe... Must be funny (I hope someone say the longest word there) hahaha


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