Red Card for the Whole Team

Buenos Aires - Referee issued a red card for one, two or even three players may have been normal. But if it issued for one teams, including reserve, this happened only in Argentina.

That happens in a rivalry in the league Primera C-fourth class league in Argentina football. Precisely, that shameful incidents that took place in the Barracas Bolivar vs. General Lamadrid, Saturday (21/3/2009).

As reported, the game is to enter the 60th minutes with Barracas led 3-0, when the commotion began to occur. Three players and four official Lamadrid commotion involved with the Barracas fans.

All Lamadrid players defend their teammate and also involved in fight with the audience.

Seeing the incident, the referee decided to issue red cards, not only to the 11 players Lamadrid, but also for their seven reserve team. Total generally, 18 red cards pulled from the referee pocket.

The consequent, not only the game must be stopped, but Lamadrid must play only with their reserves team in their next game.


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