Condom History

This is the oldest condoms found, made from animal's intestine

Condoms have been estimated to have a long history in the role as "protector tool." About 1000 years BC, ancient Egyptians were using the sheath to prevent diseases. The discovery of painting on the stone wall at the cave in Combrelles, France, depicts a man wearing a condom. Painting is estimated to be approximately 100 BC. But experts are still difficult to make sure what the purpose of painting; the ceremonial ritual or just sheer flow mode? But later in the day, condom known as pregnancy preventer. This is begin with the trial on linen cloth with the chemical liquid in year 1500th. When linen soaked in chemical liquid and then dried and worn by men, the fabric can kills sperm.
Important condom history began around 1640, concurrently with sexual disease begin to known. First of all condoms are used as a prophylactic venereal disease. Condoms at the time still made from fish or animal intestine. Ex-used condom found in the foundation ruins Dudle Castle, near Birmingham, England.

At that time, the battle arose between Oliver Cromwell followers and King Charles I's soldiers. The war lasted a long time it also involves prostitutes. As a result, the soldiers are contagious venereal disease so weakened the army war style. In order to cope with venereal disease and muffled, the soldiers use the condom. Since that, condom is known to the broad community.

The "condom" name allegedly obtained from the name of a king's physician named Condom. The physician made King Charles II "protector" comes from the animal's body to avoid venereal disease.

The other version, the name comes from "dr Condon" or someone named Colonel Cundum. While others mentioned the condom comes from the Latin, which means condon vessel. Opinion that this is finally agreed upon as the origin of the term condom.

On the 18 th century, Cassanova, renowned as a legendary playboy, also put on a condom. However, at the time, condoms are worn by Cassanova still made of linen cloth. History of rubber condoms began in the year 1839. When Charles Goodyear found a way to vulcanize car tires. In the year 1844, Charles Goodyear obtained condoms patents. Year 1894, Goodyear and Hancock began to mass produce the condoms made of vulcanized rubber. Year 1861, for the first time a condom in the United States published in the newspaper The New York Times. The widespread use of condoms made from new latex happened in 1930th. In the year 1935, 1.5 million condoms produced each day in the United States.

Strangely, even though condoms have been more comfortable, but still some people would not use it. Even up to 100 years later, between the 1940s and 1950s there are condoms made from sheep intestine still. Once used, condoms which made from sheep intestine that has been preserved is not immediately thrown. Condoms are washed, put in jelly, and stored in wooden boxes. If it required, condoms can be used again.

In the early 1900s, condoms as a protector not running smoothly. In the United States, the activists from the American Social Hygiene Association hardly extend the use. The reason is that if someone have sex with prostitute, then it is reasonable when contracting venereal disease. An official military Navy argues, the condom is only used by those who are unscrupulous. However when the party sent to the battlefield, condoms secretly distributed by the official military assistant. In the year 1933, the assistant is to be elected President of the United States and ruled for 12 years until he died in 1945. He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Condom popularity began to overcast after world war II. At the end of the 1960s revolution happened at human sexual behavior, especially in the United States. Sexual relations before marriage and outside marriage widely practiced, especially on women. They demanded the same rights as men are free to make sexual relations with anyone. As a result, more men choose to have sex with prostitute which is considered more "clean". Condoms are considered no longer needed.

Condoms popularity even more decrease since the emergence of drug-antibiotic new drugs that could cure venereal diseases such as syphilis or classic Gonorrhea. In addition, the finding new contraceptives tools, more practical and comfortable, such as the IUD and the pill, make more people choose them instead of condoms.
Condoms popularity slightly improved in the 1980s when AIDS began to known all over the world. Although not the only way, condoms still be regarded the most practical and easy to prevent HIV transmission.
In the 1990s began with the introduction of different color and fragrance for condoms. At that time, available for the first time, is Polyurethane condoms. In 1992 in Europe, introduced a condom for women known as femidom.

From the facts of condom history above, it is clear that the condom has been known for a long time in human as a means of contraception. Along with the development of technology, the process produce stronger, thinner, more flexible condoms when used, so the user not only feel safe, but also feel comfortable.


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