Weird Hotel and Crazy Hotel

Luxury hotel 5-star class may have been normal. Magnificent building, graded, clean, shining glass, and fast and appropriate services.
But what you are about to see is probably crazy weird hotel.

Ice Hotel (Sweden)
Built on the area of 1800 square kilometers, this only comprised of ice and snow hotel is the biggest ice hotel in the world. Guaranteed you will experience life as an Eskimo. With bearskin sleeping pad, and a cup of warm lingonberry and the day after, with an average temperature of minus 8 degrees Celsius, a little vodka could help your body to stay warm.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel (Turkey)
Want to feel the nomaden life style? Sleeping in caves in natural exotic look? Gamirasu Cave Hotel could be options. Engaged on the volcanic rocks wall, makes the temperature in the hotel stay cool, at the range of 17 to 20 degrees Celsius. The cave is a place of exile for monk Byzantin, about 1 century ago. Until now, a small cave is still used by local Christian clergy. Want to experience living in a cave?

Old Prison Hotel (Australia)
Normally, people who have been in jail doesn't want to return there. But an old prison in Mount Gambier Australia is transformed to that the visitors who stay overnight will feel a different sensation and holidays and most of them is willing to return. Bedroom with adjacent toilet and eat together in the prison hall is usual.

Poseidon Hotel (Fiji)
In fact this is still in development stage and can be used later in 2009. However, if viewed from the futuristic design and exotic, this hotel will be a fenomenal place. Embedded 12 meters below the surface of the Fiji archipelago, this hotel is only accessible via elevator. 70 percent of the building's raw materials is acrylic (a kind of synthetic polymer plastic), making it possible to see the under the sea scene. Uniquely, visitors can interact with their environment. There is a special button to eject the fish food, a colored flashlight to liven up atmosphere of the sea.

Capsule Inn
Capsule Inn more likely to offer a capsule rather than a room. So after walking in the lounge, visitors who want to rest directly into the capsule of each and enjoy the facilities available, such as TV, radio, and lights. So, what are the special? Perhaps to be alone and away from the hubbub for a long period of time.

Tree Hotel (India)
Built in the height of 30 meters above the trees and isolated in the tropical forest, this hotel is a paradise for nature lovers. Crystal clear water, telephone facilities, and each room is connected with each suspension bridge! Tree Hotel was built with raw materials and environmentally friendly source of energy derived from alternative energy sources instead of conventional electricity use. All that, combined with diversity of habitats of flora and fauna around it, making this place should be a choice vacation.

Wheeled Hotel (Brazil)
The hotel is designed exclusively for the adventurer. It is Exploranter, one of the Brazilian companies, to create a multifunctional vehicle that changed into a hotel with great facilities. There is a kitchen, hot water bathing units and 28 rooms. Exploranter based in Sao Paulo. The tour exploring Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The hotel even provides other unique features, such as horseback riding, white water rafting and visiting vineyards. The foods? Chefs at the hotel was creative enough to offer visitors a world-class food and snacks from a kind of crispy red ant!

Woodlyn Park Hotel (New Zealand)
Three themes with unique lodging became options here. There are plane themes, train or hotel Hobbit. A land spot where the war training in the 1950s, renovated into hotel units.The Hobbit Hotel itself look alike Hobbit holes that was built in the mountain valleys, makes the hotel blocks offers entertainment bizarre theme, but a fun place. Visitors can try a variety of activities outside the hotel, such as razoring sheep, or play with the Kiwi bird in the forest wild.


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